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WordPress website

How to speed up WordPress surely is a hot topic these days. Fortunately, there are numerous techniques that you can employ to get the job done.

With WP ALL steering the helm of your website, you can finally stop worrying about those tasks.

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Speed up

Your website’s load time can make or break its chances of success.

This is important stuff, so it’s no wonder that “how to speed up WordPress” is always a hot topic in the WordPress sphere. Google has confirmed that site speed is a ranking factor in its algorithm. Fast websites rank higher and generate more traffic.

We are specializes in speed optimization for WordPress sites of all types and sizes. Our speed optimization service aims to have your website loading in under two seconds and improving your Core Web Vitals.

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WordPress Speed up optimization

Our service includes:

  • Analyze the current load time for your website
  • Finding problem and doing magic and make your WordPress site faster


Main process in speed optimization are:

Optimize Images, Render-blocking Resources, Minify Javascript and CSS, Leverage Browser Caching, Enable Compression, Remove Query Strings, Review Server Response Time, Combine Requests, Lazy Loading Images, Inline Critical CSS.

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WordPress Speed optimization

WordPress speed optimization service can help you fix Core Web Vitals issues, achieve higher scores in Google’s PageSpeed Insights, and troubleshoot slow loading times on the back end.